Work in progress – woman in water – part 1

Right now I am working on a new painting of a woman swimming.
I shot the reference-photo here at home last summer.
This one is 36″ x 21″ or 92 x 54 cm and painted on canvas.
The paint I use for air-brushing is Createx Illustration.

Work in progress 1. Woman in water
In this first picture (from a couple of days ago) I have started building up some soft shapes of the waves with airbrush.
I pay careful attention to the reference-photo to get everything as realistic as possible.
You can also see that the mask that are protecting some of the parts are still on.

Work in progress 2. Woman in water
In this picture I have removed the masks and you can see the untouched white canvas.
Now I have added dark reflections, more colors and details in the rippling water.
So far everything is painted with the airbrush.
The next step is to add some sharper details with traditional brush.


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