Work in progress – continued

Now i have been working for some days and have some more photos of how my painting progresses. Under each photo there are some explanation of what I am doing.

Most of the background is ready. The water is airbrushed and the reflections are hand-painted. So far everything is done with acrylics.
The models body is painted with the airbrush to give me a ground to start from when I later will do the detail-work. (in a later step-by-step I will explain how to mix exact skin-tones) Its hard to see in this picture but the body is masked with frisket-film so that I dont get skin-colors in the water.
In this close-up you can see it looks rather “loose” and unfinished before I start adding details.
Here I have been working with the details with oilpaint. Both the water and the face is starting to look better. Still some work to do.
A couple of hours later and the face is almost done. Also the chest is starting to look ok.
Here you can get a better feeling of the size of the painting. 40 x 30 inches. 101 x 76 cm. Normally I work on unstreched canvas but here its streched and soon redy for shipping to Los Angeles.


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