In this page I will show what paintings I have for sale at Auctionet
Remember to check back every now and then.
The auctions are running for 12 days each.

Original-painting for my Algeria-project. “Still standing” 42″x70″ 107x178cm Acrylic on linnen. This man was one of my fathers patients when he was working as a doctor for the Red Cross in Algeria in 1965.
hyperrealistic photorealism painting nude woman swimming
“Swimming at the cliffs” Acrylic and oil on canvas 46×32″ 116x82cm Available as print
hyperrealism lace
“Lace III” Acrylic and colored pencil on canvas 36 “x 54” 91x137cm Available as print
Fjällbacka stones
“Fjällbacka stones” Watercolor and colored pencil 35″x23″ 90x60cm Available as print

Happy bidding!


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