Feature and wip

Today I was featured by Art UPON. A blog that is showing interesting and different art of all kinds. Here is a link so you can see what paintings they choose. Nice and good for marketing.

I will also show you a small portion of the painting I am working on for the moment.
I am trying to strech the realism a bit and will push it even more in the future.

Tomorrow Art Palm Springs is opening. I have some paintings with Arcadia Contemporary as usally.

New painting

Finally my new painting “Wavebreak” is finished. Or should I call it something else? Well for now its Wavebreak.
Again an acrylic and oil on canvas. My favorite combination of technics. 60×40″ 102x152cm. The original is already sold but I will make some prints of it. Let me know if you would like one or keep an eye on Auctionet where I sell some of my art.

“Wavebreak” Acrylic and oil on canvas. 60×40″ 102x152cm. Available as signed print.

A wave

Hi all.
Two things today. First I just made a small video of the work with a painting of a wave. Nothing much, just some pictures from my studio and the painting I am working on. In a couple of weeks it should be ready.

Secondly I just want to tell you I will begin selling some of my paintings (both originals and prints) at More about that will come soon.

And I almost forgot… I am working on a second book with my paintings from 2012-1016. Soon on a website near you 🙂



Yesterday I finished my latest painting “Resurface” for the gallery in LA. 29″ by 39″ – 74 x 98 cm. It is painted with acrylics (some airbrushed and some with traditionel brush) and oils. Just as I usually do. This time I have used an other colorpalette then the other pool-paintings. Very desaturated but I like it.
Maybe you recognize the model… it is my daughter Sidsel again. Lucky me having such a beauty in the family 🙂